Rodemsa SAS starts it’s operations in September 2001. Located 500 mts. From the gate of Haina International Terminals – Rio Haina Port, granted easy and fast access between our facilities, minimizing costs and transit times for our customers and operations.

Logistics Operations

  • It allows us to offer our clients the flexibility of logistics operations that enhance their businesses and activities, whether it be importation for national and international distribution, relabeling and repackaging, transformations or other operations that represent versatility and ease new to our market.  
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Fiscal Warehouse

  • Customs inspection and duties settling, transference and other customs operations.
  • Exports and Transits
  • Sub-collection of customs.

Exports, Re Exports and Transits

  • Weighing, measuring and labeling of cargo
  • Packaging inspection
  • Inventory reports


  • Under the protection of Law No. 6186 that governs the General Deposit Warehouses, we pledges inventories, as a financial and business instrument.
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Customs Warehouses

  • Management and transfer of consolidated containers (LCL) and FCL cargo, from any terminal or port in the country in 48 hours.
  • We document the discharges of the containers photographically and with reports certified by the DGA.
  • The load is placed in safe places and registered in our computer system for its quick location.
  • Spacious verification area.
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Tax Authorizations

  • RODEMSA is able to convert your Warehouse into a Fiscal Warehouse, declaring itself as an extension of our facilities. This allows our clients to enjoy financial tax benefits, as well as having quick and easy access to their goods.
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General Dry Storage

  • 12,500m2 of concrete structure indoor storage facility
  • 26,000m2 of total real estate with 12,000m2 outdoor storage area
  • Docking capacity for 17 simultaneous containers.
  • In house Customs Authority office.
  • Comfortable reception area for our customers.
  • Comfortable reception area for our customers.
  • Ample and safe parking for light vehicles for our visitors.
  • 24 hours security officers and CCTV monitoring, access control and checkpoints.
  • Advanced fire suppression system.
  • Bonded Warehouse
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Security policy

Reduce the possibilities that our organizational structure, sensitive information, services, facilities and assets in custody could be contaminated, sabotaged or violated, and effectively manage any possible risks of or situations that may threaten, but are not limited to, our image, operations and financial-accounting system; as well as emergencies of any nature, through security procedures and continuous improvement duly implemented and integrated by the staff, all this within the legal framework that regulates our activities.

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Quality politics

Rodemsa SAS, a company specialized in providing national and international logistics services, is committed to meeting the needs of its customers and maintaining the highest standards of quality and efficiency, through innovative documentation systems, knowledge management and continuous improvement, as well as compliance of the applicable legal requirements and in accordance with the best quality management standards; which, together with the commitment of the management, ensures that it achieves its strategic objectives and exceeds market expectations.

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