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RODEMSA es una empresa dedicada al servicio de almacén  distribución y depósito logístico de carga seca, con mas de 26,000 metros cuadrados  de propiedad y 12,500 metros cuadrados de nave cerrada; parte integral de la familia de empresas relacionadas con el comercio exterior de la República Dominicana, liderada por Agentes y Estibadores Portuarios, SAS (AGEPORT)


Rodemsa SAS starts it’s operations in September 2001. Located 500 mts. From the gate of Haina International Terminals – Rio Haina Port, granted easy and fast access between our facilities, minimizing costs and transit times for our customers and operations.


Provide our Clients with the best alternative for cargo and merchandise storage and handling, with the highest standards of Quality and Safety in service for National and International Commerce. To be visionaries, innovative and creative, and to develop a supportive and friendly relationship with our clients and related parties.

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To lead our market and to stand out from the competition by having our services at market leading standards for quality, flexibility, security and efficiency.

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  • Respectful and dignified treatment of our staff.
  • Integrity of conduct in all actions.
  • Efficient employees identified with the service they provide.
  • Be exemplary citizens in our communities.
  • Commitment to the development of our company.
  • Promote and incentivize teamwork.
  • Stimulate personal growth of our team members
  • Dedication to achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction
  • Maintain the highest security standards possible.
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Security policy

Reduce the possibilities that our organizational structure, sensitive information, services, facilities and assets in custody could be contaminated, sabotaged or violated, and effectively manage any possible risks of or situations that may threaten, but are not limited to, our image, operations and financial-accounting system; as well as emergencies of any nature, through security procedures and continuous improvement duly implemented and integrated by the staff, all this within the legal framework that regulates our activities.

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Quality politics

Rodemsa SAS, as a company specialized in providing national and international logistics services, is committed to meeting the needs of its customers and maintaining the highest standards of quality and efficiency, through innovative documentation systems, knowledge development and continuous improvement, as well as compliance of applicable requirements according to the best quality management standards; which, together with the commitment of our management team, ensures that it achieves its strategic objectives and exceeds market expectations.

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