Abinader says exporting is a main axis for economic recovery

Yesterday, Adoexpo recognized seven categories of exporting companies, including Rizek Cacao, Grupo SID, Barrick, Fersan, Halka Industrial, Diesco and Fresenius Kabi.

With the presence of President Luis Abinader Corona, the Dominican Association of Exporters (Adoexpo) held the Export Summit 2020 Congress yesterday in which it recognized seven categories of trading companies in international markets and in which act the nation's chief executive highlighted the great importance of the sector for the recovery of the country's economy.

President Abinader Corona said that "exporting is now a main axis for the recovery of our economy in the short term and for economic development in the medium and long term."

Sostuvo que el aumento de las exportaciones permitirá la instauración de un nue­vo modelo económico que realmente se traduzca en bienestar para la gente.

The President highlighted that he works to achieve solid and sustainable growth, by participating as a guest in the meeting, where he reiterated the historical fact for the country with the launch of the First National Export Plan, with a time projection of 10 years and that will have a constant monitoring. He indicated that with that signal it is clear the Government's support to the producer of the field, the exporter and the productive sector in favor of the country's human development.

The Adoexpo
The president of Adoexpo, Elizabeth Mena, highlighted gold, cocoa, plastics, oil and beauty products among the export items with good performance in 2020, and in the latter, hygiene products.

“Si comparamos los perío­dos marzo-octubre 2019 con marzo-octubre 2020, la exportación de oro ex­perimentó un aumento de un 11.7%. De igual forma, el plástico y sus manufac­turas presentan un aumen­to de 15.1%. Asimismo, es importante resaltar el auge de los productos de belle­za, básicamente los relacio­nados con higiene, que ex­perimentaron un aumento de 5.7%. En el caso del sec­tor agropecuario, se desta­can el cacao y el aceite y sus fracciones, los cuales au­mentaron un 4.6% y 33.7% respectivamente”, indicó.

At the Export Summit 2020, an activity that had in-person guests and through the Zoom platform, Adoexpo yesterday recognized seven categories of exporting companies, including Rizek Cacao, Grupo SID, Barrick, Fersan, Halka Industrial, Diesco and Fresenius Kabi .

Odile Miniño said that the delivery of recognition to export resilience during the pandemic also recognizes brave and supportive entrepreneurs, examples of resilience and solidarity. Halka Industrial was recognized in the SME category, Rizek Cacao in the Agroindustrial category, Fresenisus Kabi in the free zone category, Diesco, SID and Fersan in the industrial category and Barrick Pueblo Viejo, in the mining category.

Rizek Cacao
The recognition to the Agroindustrial sector that was awarded to the company Rizek Cacao, was received at the Export Summit 2020 by its executive vice president Massimiliano Wax

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